Major Kitchen Appliances That You Should Have

Major Kitchen Appliances That You Should Have

Designing your kitchen layout can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin. Fortunately, there is a great starting point available that will put you in good stead if you know what you are doing. The best way to start designing your kitchen is to think about your essential kitchen appliances and where they will go and work around them.

What is an essential appliance? These refer to any major appliance that you will need to use daily. The following items are considered major kitchen appliances.


Of course, you won’t get very far in a kitchen without having somewhere to store your cold food. Some foods like dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and cold meats are best kept at a low temperature to prevent decay. That is why a refrigerator is considered one of the major kitchen appliances. Unfortunately, these appliances aren’t small.

A refrigerator is likely to be one of the largest items in your kitchen. Therefore, you may want to think about where to put this major kitchen appliance first before placing anything else.


The second most essential kitchen appliance in your kitchen is your oven. These appliances are much smaller than your fridge; however, that does not make them any easier to place. This heating device will need access to either your electricity mains or gas connection depending on what type of oven you own. Placing an oven should be relatively easy, though, given how these connections are usually only available in one spot in your kitchen.


There will be times when you don’t have time to prepare a full meal. This means that you will need to reheat a previous meal or find one that can be prepared in an instant. Therefore, you will need to purchase a microwave oven.

Microwaves are essential for busy families, which is why you will need to keep one countertop free when designing the layout of your kitchen. A microwave oven doesn’t take up much space, but you will be glad to have access to one in a pinch.


No one likes the prospect of cleaning up after a large meal. That is why a freestanding dishwasher is considered a major kitchen appliance. Like an oven, your dishwasher needs to be placed in a location where it has access to both electricity and water, but this should be easy to arrange if you are starting with a blank slate. 

Extractor Fan

Cooking is a messy job, and there will be times when excess smoke or steam can distort your vision. While these elements can make cooking difficult, they can also contribute to lasting damage over time. Therefore, you may want to think about including an extractor fan in your kitchen plans.

These fans sit directly above your oven and quickly remove any steam or smoke created whenever you cook. As such, you are less likely to experience peeling paint or yellowed tiles if you invest in an extractor fan.


Once you have these items installed, designing the rest of your kitchen should be easy. What’s more, you will also save time in your daily routine.

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