Why You Need Landscape Masonry

Why You Need Landscape Masonry

Your home landscape garden can be more than just a place where the dirt and patchy weeds live. You can transform your landscape to become a beautiful outdoor living space when you consider that the garden can feature more than just plants. Garden designers always consider the addition of beautiful hard surfaces in creating outdoor garden spaces. These hard surfaces, known as hardscapes, often utilize building materials found naturally in the local geography. These might include native stones, for example. They can also include substances like concrete, pavers, and mortar, which form walls, paths and patios.


It takes knowledge and expertise to build a safe and effective retaining wall for garden use. Without both aspects, a homeowner could create a wall that was meant to hold back the enormous weight of a dirt hillside but could instead come crashing down in an intense rainstorm, to disastrous effect, because it was not correctly installed. Many turn for assistance in building these essential walls to companies specializing in landscape masonry Avon MA. These professionals have the equipment and skill to safely erect retaining walls that can withstand the weather and ensure that the heavy dirt in your hillside garden stays put.


You want pathways that feature surfaces safe and attractive to walk on. Many different materials will suit pathway use. You can choose from gravel, paving stones, concrete, stepping stones or wood pavers, to name only a tiny sample. The choice you make should factor in the weather you have in your locale and its effect on walking surfaces.


You can create a lovely patio hardscape area by defining the space with proper footing. You could choose from the same materials that go into pathways, for example, to keep a consistent design look to the entire area. Consider adding a stonework fireplace or pizza oven to make the outdoor space more functional.

Once your landscape masonry is in place, you can then fill in areas with beautiful plants to complete your garden design.

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