4 Reasons Your Water Bill Skyrocketed This Month

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4 Reasons Your Water Bill Skyrocketed This Month

Water bills tend to sit around the same amount each month, remaining reasonably predictable. However, sometimes owners may get an account that drastically jumps, leaving them to wonder how they used so much water within such a short amount of time. If your current payment amount dumbfounds you, consider whether the following causes could have caused the leap.

1. A Hidden Leak

Most often, a sudden change in water amount results from a leak. Owners may think that’s not possible. After all, you can’t see one. However, pipes run through your home, under the foundation and in your yard. It’s possible you haven’t noticed the problem.

If you suspect a pipe is dripping somewhere, work with experts in water leak detection Los Angeles CA to locate the source of the problem.

2. Additional Outdoor Watering

Did you recently replace grass or plant new landscaping? You might have run your sprinklers far more than usual if you did. This additional nourishment quickly adds up to your water bill.

3. Filling Up Your Pool

Filling a pool takes a lot of water, hitting the monthly bill hard. When you have to complete this task, make a written note near your desk where you pay bills. That physical reminder should help you realize why the extra cost is there.

4. Extra Guests

When you have guests over for a few days or a week, they also use your shower, toilet and faucets. Each time they flush, wash or grab a drink of water, they tack on more money to the bill.

Your water bill’s escalation could result from a hidden leak, or it might happen from changes in your recent habits. It’s essential to assess your actions over the past month, considering whether you’ve entertained others or required extra water for the outdoors.