A Quick Guide to Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance

A Quick Guide to Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance

A fireplace and chimney can add aesthetic value to your home. Yet if properly maintained, they can also provide you with warmth throughout the cold season. Some sound advice can help you keep both in top condition for years to come.

Follow Chimney Care Essentials

Your chimney’s job is to vent smoke, fumes and everything else that a wood-burning fire emits. Keeping it in the best possible shape is your key to enjoying many years of safe use. Chimney care begins with regular cleaning performed by a chimney sweep. This professional will inspect your chimney for blockages and tar buildup and remove these for you. This service should be done once a year, preferably before cold weather sets in.

Besides chimney cleaning, a high-quality chimney cap is important. This structure also helps keep the passageway free and clear by stopping animals and birds from climbing inside. Consider chimney cap restoration Wallkill NY if your cap is missing or damaged.

Don’t Forget About Fireplace Safety

Caring for your chimney is important, but so is fireplace safety. Experts recommend keeping furniture, rugs and decor at least three feet away from the fireplace. This helps prevent stray sparks from igniting and causing fires. You should also use a fireplace screen to stop larger embers from escaping into the room. While you’re at it, you may want to consider installing a fireplace insert. Typically made from cast iron or steel, an insert allows the fire to burn longer and more efficiently — plus stop heat from escaping out of your chimney.

We often take our fireplaces and chimneys for granted. Yet they both offer valuable benefits, including distinctive style and dependable heat. Proper chimney and fireplace maintenance ensures dependable use and keeps your home safe as long as you live in your home.

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