6 Signs That Your Toilet Needs a Replacement

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6 Signs That Your Toilet Needs a Replacement

Our toilets don’t always make a good table talk. Do you know why? They are very sensitive matters for some individuals, and talking about them during dinner, someone might kick you under the table. Too bad because we only tell amusing stories when our toilets go bad. Not discussing such matters can lead to something worse than kicks to the shin. You can even miss out on important advice about your troublesome toilet. Without the right answers, you can spend a lot in repairs, and even worse than that, ignore some of the following warning signs that show you need to replace your toilet:

1. Frequent Repairs

We often seek toilet repair services from a plumber whenever there is an issue. But if you have been dealing with frequent repairs lately, then it means you have a toilet faulty. Although replacing your toilet can be expensive, you will save yourself from high costs of frequent repairs.

2. The Toilet’s Age

Like other components of your drainage system, your toilet will deteriorate with time. So, if you have an old toilet, then it is high time you replace it. An older toilet is less effective than a new one, even if it is still operational. By replacing your old toilet with a new one, you can minimize your monthly water bill.

3. Cracks

If you start noticing puddle of water near the toilet, make sure you check the cracks around the porcelain. Although such toilets might still work fine, leaks may waste lots of water, and this exposure of water may damage the flooring over time and lead to growth of mildew or mold. Always look for cracks in the toilet’s tank or bowl. If you see or hear constant running, consider replacing it immediately before the situation worsens. Put a dye in the bowl’s water if you don’t see any crack. The dyed water will make its way to your flooring when there is a crack.

4. Inefficient Flushing

If you notice high monthly water bills and your routine is still the same, then it means your flushing system is now inefficient. Average toilets use around four gallons of water with every flush, but low-flow alternatives can use below that. By investing in an efficient toilet, you can significantly lower your monthly water bill.

5. Constant Clogging

Do you always find yourself reaching for a plunger after your bathroom breaks? Constantly clogging toilets are an indication that they need to go. Clogging is a common problem in many old toilets because they’re not efficient at flushing compared to new ones.

6. Rust

Always look at rust on your toilet’s metal components, including chain, screws/levers, and handles. Rust often result from excessive moisture and may make parts of a toilet to corrode, making them not to do their job. So, every time you contact a plumber to inspect your toilet, make sure they look for rust.

The key is to hire a professional plumber whenever you see any of these warning signs. A plumber will first assess your plumbing and determine a perfect replacement solution for your home.