5 Top Home Improvement Projects For Vacation Rental Owners

5 Top Home Improvement Projects For Vacation Rental Owners

The business of vacation home rental is a competitive one as every homeowner wants their property to taste different and catchy in the eye of guests. This is maybe borne out of genuine improvement in the guest experience or a coy to justify a price rise in the rental home.

Whichever way, we are here to help you know what is worth improving or renovating in your vacation rental home.

1) Boost Your Exterior Outlook

While streaming on a vacation rental site, the exterior of a vacation home is the first force of attraction to the renter. To make this first impression significant, your vacation home must have an appealing exterior. According to professional painters, one basic way to do this is to give a befitting and creating painting to your home; at least every five to ten years. In doing this, fresh and new color on the door and other outdoor wooden materials will wow your guests. Also, planting fresh flowers and trimming excess shrubbery will be a great touch on your home. Do you consider a befitting and professional painting for your home? Look up for your taste at UK.collected.reviews.

2) Restructure the Kitchen

Vacation is most often equated with dining out which gives a good reason for vacation homeowners need to modernize their kitchen space. For house rental companies, one good decision criterion to doing this is by spending around 5% of the total home worth on kitchen remodeling. To further estimate accordingly, evaluate modern kitchen restructure cost. For the relaxation of the guest, the functionality, and serenity of the kitchen must be in mind. This can be done by ensuring all kitchen appliances are energy efficient and modern and also ensure that the flooring and kitchen cabinet is new and modern.

3) Optimize Electricity

To ensure proper relaxation of the guests and maintain their good mood, lighting is most important as it gives an unimaginable feeling. Thus, there is a need for certain specifications of lighting inthe sensitive segments of the home. For instance, the bathroom needs a bright or blue-toned light for alertness while the living and bedroom need soft and warm lighting.

4) Cater For Bedroom Amenities

Every guest wants a luxury vacation home that will give them a glimpse of the comfort of their home. Therefore, homeowners need to apply a little taste by replacing old-fashioned furniture with few new and luxury ones and also consider cost-friendly mattresses, couches, or air mattresses for the convenience of the guest.

5) Installation of Safety Features

The safety of guests is very important when staying in the guest’s home. To ensure this, your rental home needs to have some home safety devices such as a home security system that will keep the guest at ease. Other devices such as video doorbells, motion-sensor light, are also required to help illuminate entry paths for visitors and keep intruders away.


Nothing can be traded with human comfort. The comfort derived by guests in staying off-home with the application of the useful tips above, will in many ways influence their decision to visit your rental home over and over again.

About the Author: Jill T Frey

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