Some Tips For Using Lawn Feed

Some Tips For Using Lawn Feed

Do you want to use lawn feed? Then it might be a good idea to buy grass seed. With the right fertilizer you’ll be able to create a perfect and impressive green lawn. In this article we have some tips for you to find the perfect lawn feed. In the end, you’ll be happy with the results! Read this article and find more about this subject so you will make the right choise.

Use a cheap fertilizer

First of all, use the cheapest form of fertilizer you can find. We recommend to use potting compost. This can be made by putting peat into a container and then filling it with potting compost. This provides nutrients to the lawn whilst maintaining aeration. Then use a lawn spreader to spread the potting compost onto the lawn. This is perfect for a lawn that is heavy or does not drain well. It’s very important to avoid spreading too much compost onto the lawn as this can kill your lawn. The best method to spread compost is to just gently sprinkle it over the lawn.

Two types of fertilizer

There are two types of fertilizer you can use for your lawn, namely home-made fertilizer and mineral fertilizer. The home-made fertilizers are usually made from fish oil and mineral water.  If you want to use fertilizer in the lawn then you can use a home-made fertilizer and mineral water. We recommend to use this type of fertilizer for the front and back of your laws. This ensures that the grass does not turn yellow during winter and it also prevents the growth of weeds. It also keeps the grass alive during dry weather. Using type of fertilizer for the sides of your lawn is definitely a good idea, but only if there are weeds. This stops them getting seeds and prevents germinating.

When to scarify your lawn?

Scarifying and moss removal is also an important task to do. This can be done in spring and or autumn. When to scarify your lawn is a different subject. But please remember that if you do this at the wrong time of year, you can end up killing off the grass rather than helping it to grow! The main aim of scarifying is to remove the old lawn which, if present, will prevent any new weeds or wildflowers from growing. You should only scarify where there is already grass. Also only use scarifying powder and not chemicals. Then it will all be okay!

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