Why You Need To Maintain Your Oil Tank

Why You Need To Maintain Your Oil Tank

Oil is a primary heat source for millions of households with tanks to store this fuel source until it is needed. Periodic tank inspections can ensure the following parts continue to function correctly.


The legs of a full tank must bear significant weight, and it is vital to ensure that they are not bent, corroded, or missing. Compromised support parts can increase a tank’s chances to collapse to the ground, spilling its contents. As a consequence, homeowners may be subject to costly fines relating to environmental contamination in addition to the loss of expensive oil.


Professional oil tank services NY can inspect your tank’s body for potential problems. For example, dents and loose filler caps can be sources of oil leaks, and wet spots could indicate water inside the tank. Water build-up occurs during Spring and Summer when the cold tank surface and warmer air meet, forming condensation and sludge. The mixture can clog your tank and promote bacteria that can quickly spread throughout your heating system. In addition, when temperatures drop during Fall and Winter, water and oil in the tank can freeze, causing frozen particles to enter and damage the heating system’s pipes and filters.

Gauges and Alarms

A properly functioning oil gauge will let you know when your tank needs refilling. Malfunctioning oil level indicators can prevent you from replenishing the oil your tank requires to operate in time to meet your cold-weather heating needs.

Properly functioning alarms are equally important. For example, an empty tank quickly fills with air, but when oil enters, the air escapes with a loud whistling sound. The sound stops when the oil fully replaces the air in the tank. If oil delivery personnel do not hear this sound as they add oil, they do not know if the gauge and alarm malfunction or the tank already has the maximum oil it can hold. Therefore, they will not add oil as a safety precaution to avoid hazardous spillage.

Oil tank maintenance can ensure your home remains safely heated during cold weather months.

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