Top 3 Ways To Improve Your Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune

Top 3 Ways To Improve Your Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune

The kitchen is often looked at as the heart of the home. Because of that, you want to have a space that is comfortable and functional. If you haven’t updated your kitchen in a while, then you might be unsure where to start. Here are the top ways to make your kitchen look better without breaking the bank.

1. Reface Cabinets

Replacing kitchen cabinets can be expensive and time-consuming. So, avoid the extra cost and mess by having your cabinets refaced. To have the cabinets refaced, you remove the cabinet doors and drawers, and a company replaces the front of them. Kitchen refacing materials St. Louis that are the most popular are wood veneers or laminate. The new look of the cabinets will dramatically change how your kitchen looks and feels, and no one will even be able to tell that the cabinets weren’t made that way.

2. Replace the Faucet

You might not realize it, but changing the faucet can help make your kitchen feel better. When you’re using an old, spotted faucet, your kitchen doesn’t look or feel as good as it could. When you choose a replacement faucet, choose one that is tall yet still functional for the space. The height of the faucet will help open up the space and create a more significant visual space for the eye, which will help your kitchen look better.

3. Paint the Walls

One of the most affordable ways to change any space is to repaint the walls. The new paint livens up the space and breathes new life into it. When you’re looking at paints, make sure that you only choose a satin or semi-gloss finish for the kitchen. Because kitchen walls often deal with things getting splattered on them and thus are cleaned often, you want to ensure the paint is easy to clean and won’t easily rub off the wall.

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