3 Essential Items for Your Poolside Appetizer Spread

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3 Essential Items for Your Poolside Appetizer Spread

You’re proud of your home. It’s the place the whole neighborhood wants to gather. If you want to take your outdoor entertaining space to the next level, pool construction services Orange County can help make your dreams a reality. Once that new pool is built, invite your friends and family over for a casual gathering and show it off. Have a variety of drinks all ages can enjoy and provide some snacks to share. Here are some simple and delicious foods you’ll want to make sure to have on your next party platter.

1. Cheese & Crackers

This sounds simple, and while it’s a snap to pull together, it can be as fancy as you want! Try two or three less common varieties like Edam, brie, or goat cheese. This salty snack can be enhanced with different kinds of mustards or even fruit spreads on the side as well. Feel free to get creative and try different flavor combinations.

2. Salsa

This dip is another item that can be as basic or complex as you are in the mood to serve. Keep the ice water close if you plan to kick up the spice factor with extra peppers and onions. Look for unusual varieties to sample, including ones that feature mangos or tomatillos. Use chips to scoop up your salsa, or keep it healthier with a variety of vegetables to gather the good stuff.

3. Fresh Fruit

A selection of watermelon, cantaloupe, and berries can be so refreshing as you sit by the pool. Try putting them on wooden skewers so guests can easily take an individual portion to enjoy. For a cool treat, pop the fruit in the freezer for a few minutes before serving.

The company you keep is what makes an event great. A nice selection of food at the party can take it over the top, even if it’s just a couple of basic dishes. Set out the snack tray and let the good times roll!

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