What is the best time to get solar panels installed on your roof?

If you think of having the solar panels installed on your roof, you must be thinking about which is the best time to consider placing them. Here we are to tell you that the ideal time for placing the solar panels on the roof is when there is already some roofing crew working on your house, combining two different roofing jobs is going to be very beneficial for you, for example, if you some regular roof maintenance, replacement or repair going on, people are working on the roof already, and they can best take care of the roof at that time. They would be able to install the solar panels at that time with much comfort and ease.

Which time of the year is best suited for the installation of the solar panels?

The best and the most suitable time for the installation of solar panels is the spring season. Although you can have them installed anytime throughout the year, spring is the most suitable time because the weather is very favorable. You might be thinking that solar panels work best in the summer days, so why not install them at that time. The thing is that the spring season is mild and working on the roof in this season is not very uncomfortable for the crew. So they would happily agree to work on the panels in the days of spring.

The optimal angle of the solar panel is the one where it faces the sun in such a way that maximum sunlight is incident upon it, and it can convert the thermal energy into efficient energy to be used in the house. The optimal angle is best checked in April/May when the sunlight is not very scorching, and the best angle throughout the year for the solar panel could be easily found.

The solar panels are the most effective when the days are more relaxed and there is not much heat. When the temperature is very high, the solar panel’s efficiency decreases, resulting in less effective energy conversion. On the other hand, when the days are more relaxed, and the amount of light is maximum, the energy conversion is peak.

Having the solar panels installed on spring days is very helpful because the spring will bring the summer to its end. And when you are entering the summer, you have the solar panel system ready to serve you, and you and the rest of the house members have gotten used to the way the solar panel works and how it converts the energy for you. This way, you can enjoy the summer at its best, with lower energy bills and better indoor temperature. Make sure to pair your new solar panels with cheap electricity rates to save money and reduce your power bill significantly in the coming months.

You can find several Parker Roofing Companies in the town willing to give their services on the matter. They can also guide you about the best time and the best ways to get maximum solar panels’ energy.

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