The Difference Between A Lounge And A Living Room

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The Difference Between A Lounge And A Living Room

A lot of people seem to be confused by the meaning of both words; lounge and sitting room. For some people, their living room is also the same as their lounge, but in the real sense of the words, this should not be.

The lounge and living room are part of the house that we will always want to add furniture. When you want to change the furniture in your lounge or want to get furniture for your new lounge, you should read other reviews about wooden outdoor furniture stores on You will get to know the best type of furniture for your lounge and where to buy them. Here are some differences between a lounge and a living room:

A lounge is public while a living room is not

A lounge is often defined as a place where people sit, wait, smoke, etc. It could be a large public room like a theatre, hotel, or air terminal. The roots of the word ‘lounge’ mean to move indolently. As deduced from the meaning of ‘lounge’ above, a lounge is mostly formal and public and is found in social spaces. However, a living room is not public; it is personal.

A living room is a room in your house used to entertain guests, carry out leisure activities, etc. You furnish your living room to the best of your taste. You are not under pressure to meet up with public expectations because not everyone will come into your home, and those who do will be your friends or family.

A lounge tends to be ornate while a living room is not

Since lounges are in communal spaces and are open to the public, they tend to be grander and decorated with meticulously selected furniture and fixture. The lighting is often stylistic and expensive, the accents floral and the space is wide. Also, the entertainment elements are few.

However, a living room is customized to suit the taste and preferences of the owner. The statement decors, furniture, and fixtures, plant choices, etc. are included to add to enhance the owner’s sense of comfort. As such, it is possible not to feel at home in someone else’s space because you don’t like their décor theme.

A lounge restricts your freedom while a living room does not

In a lounge, you cannot do as you like because you are not the only one there. For instance, you cannot sleep on the chairs or spread your luggage everywhere because you would be inconveniencing other people by doing that. However, you can do all these and more in your living room. You can decide to spend the night with your lover on the couch or put your stuff anywhere if you came in stressed. It is your living room and no one will rebuke you for it.

A lounge isn’t conducive for creating memories while a living room is

Your chances of creating personal memories in a lounge are few; except you are friendly to the person sitting next to you and you strike up a conversation with them, you are pretty much on your own in a lounge. But in a living room, you create deep memories with your family and friends. You laugh with them, celebrate them, share in their grief, etc. These memories linger in your heart, and they help to make your living room more special.