The benefits of using the best evaporative cooler from Vankool

The benefits of using the best evaporative cooler from Vankool

Being in a hot room makes us unable to concentrate properly when doing activities or sleeping. The increased air temperature can make the body feel hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. However, what causes a hot room because there is no air conditioner in it? The absence of air conditioning is not the only cause of hot rooms. There are still other factors that can cause the air temperature in the room to become hot.

Room Position

Some people say that the cause of the hot room is the position of the room which is most likely to be to the west, making the air temperature in it higher. This is solely caused by exposure to sunlight which is more intense when compared to the other side. The position of the room based on the wind direction does not matter. However, the position of the room close to the industrial area or kitchen does make the air in it hotter. The solution to dealing with hot rooms due to this incorrect position is to install an air conditioner. This air conditioner will keep the temperature in the room low even if your room is near a heat source.


The cause of hot rooms that you may never have thought before is the wrong selection of the roof of the house. Roofs made of asbestos, zinc, or metal can make the room underneath hotter. Both zinc and metal have properties that readily absorb solar heat. The way out for a hot room because the roof of the house is to replace the roof of the house with tile made of earth. The earthen roof will certainly make your room underneath cool.

Lack of Air Ventilation

It is undeniable that air ventilation is very influential to create a cool and fresh room. Ventilation is a way of circulating air that can make a room feel stuffy. The ventilation will help exchange air from outside to enter the room. If there is no ventilation in the room, start to make ventilation or windows so that the air in the room is exchanged. The ventilation will make your room cool and more comfortable.

The ceiling is Too Low

Hot rooms can be caused by the ceiling of the room that is too low. The ideal ceiling height standard for a room is 3 meters. If the ceiling in your room is less than 3 meters high, the room temperature will be very high. The cause of high temperatures in low ceiling rooms is that the air cannot flow properly due to the unavailability of sufficient space for air exchange. To solve this problem, you can make more air ventilation and install air conditioning in the room.

Wrong Window Position

Aren’t the windows made to improve air circulation in the room? Yes, windows are indeed made to circulate air in the room. However, placing the window on the wrong side can cause the room air to feel hot. For example, a window that faces the west will get more sunlight. If there is too much sun exposure on your bedroom window, the room temperature will automatically increase and cause a high enough heat. The solution to dealing with the wrong window position is to create a new window. If not, then you can provide curtains that are thick enough to block sunlight from entering your room.

Dark Wall Paint Color

Investigate, one of the things that makes the room air feel hot is the choice of wall paint color. Believe it or not, dark wall paint colors can make the air in the room hot. What are some examples of dark wall paint colors? For example, black, dark blue, dark green, and other dark colors. So, how did this happen? Dark colors do have properties that can absorb heat. However, dark paint colors can also reflect incoming light, whether it’s sunlight or light rays. Therefore, the darker the paint on the walls of your room, the hotter the air in it. The way to deal with hot rooms due to dark wall paint is to change the paint color to brighter colors or pastel colors. Even though it can’t make the temperature in your room drop dramatically, at least your room is a little cooler.

Many Unexpected Heat Sources

“There is no stove in the room!” Maybe these words immediately come to your mind when you find out that the cause of a hot room is an unexpected heat source in your room. Unfortunately, the heat source referred to here is not just the stove. Other unexpected objects can become a source of heat, such as magic jars, dispensers, computers/laptops, televisions, or irons. Computers, laptops, and televisions have fans that can blow hot air. While the iron is producing high enough heat to smooth clothes. The magic jars and dispensers will feel hot when held on the back after being used for a long period.

A cool house is certainly everyone’s dream to be able to live comfortably and feel at home for long.

steps to make the house cooler naturally.

  1. The morning sun is healthy for the body. But during the day, it can make the temperature inside your house heat up. Prevent hot air from entering and becoming trapped in the house by closing windows and doors tightly. If your house has a veranda, plant some bamboo trees to prevent hot air from entering the house. At night, open the doors and windows wide to let the cool air in. Close it again when you go to sleep. Then the air in the house will feel cooler.
  2. Bright colors have the effect of emitting light, while dark palettes absorb light. Therefore, use white or light curtains. This will help reduce the heat in the house. Also, to keep your house cool even during the day, you can try adding one of the best evaporative coolers from Vankool to keep your home comfortable and fresh. For detail, you can check the following video here:

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