The 5 Rules to Follow When Using Power Tools

The 5 Rules to Follow When Using Power Tools

Power tools have been a godsend to not only those in the construction industry but also those who are keen DIYers. The addition of a power source to tools that used to be solely operated by manual labor has made it quicker and easier to get a variety of jobs done. But with this additional power source additional risk. As such, the use of power tools requires care and attention to ensure the avoidance of accidents. If you are using power tools as part of your work or to take care of jobs in the home, there are a number of rules that you should follow. Here are five of them:

Rule No 1: Make Sure All Tools are in Good Working Order

Before you start using any power tools, it is imperative that you check to ensure they are working as they should. Power tools should be maintained regularly and checked before and after each use to make sure there is no damage. You must be certain that all moving parts are working properly and that any screws are tightened correctly. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in relation to cleaning and oiling, where appropriate. 

Rule No 2: Always Use the Right Tool for the Job

The experts at Devour Tools ( say that knowing which tool is appropriate for the job you are doing will not only save you time but will also ensure your safety. For example, there is no point in trying to cut wood with a power saw fitted with a diamond saw blade that could easily damage that which you are cutting. You need to make sure that the saw has been fitted with the correct blade for the type of material you are working with. 

Rule No 3: Always Wear the Correct Safety Gear

Before you begin working with any power tools, you must make sure that you have the appropriate safety equipment. This means protective gear for your face, eyes, hands, and feet. A pair of goggles and a face mask should be worn when operating any machinery that could cause dust and debris, such as a power saw or sander. Alternatively, a full-face mask can be worn. Protective gloves and steel-capped shoes should also be worn. 

Rule No 4: Follow Manufacturer’s Operating Instructions

It is recommended that you read the operation manual of any power tool that you are working with for the first time and that you always follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions to ensure the correct and safe method of operation is used. Do not assume that one power tool is the same as the next because there may be slight differences that will affect how it is operated and how it performs. 

Rule No 5: Keep the Area Clear

When using a power tool, you must make sure that the area is clear of other people and animals. You should also ensure that the environment you are working in is clear of obstacles that could cause an accident. For example, remove anything that could cause you to slip, or that could get in the way of the power cord when you are working. 


Power tools, particularly those used for cutting, can be extremely dangerous so rules and procedures need to be followed when they are being operated. The above is just five of the most basic tools that you should follow when using power tools for work or in the home. Remember, always keep safety in mind and use the correct protective equipment. Furthermore, following the manufacturer’s operating instructions is particularly important for safe use of power tools.

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