How To Choose The Best Wine Cooler For Me?

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How To Choose The Best Wine Cooler For Me?

Are you considering adding a few home improvements to your living space? Maybe you are looking at wine coolers on an online wine cooler shop and do not know which one to choose? An excellent way to determine this choice is by gathering some wine cellar ideas and weighing out a few factors. In light of that, you should consider your budget, space, and which wine cooler suits the wine you are storing.

What Size Unit Should You Buy?

Before you go ahead and click purchase, determine the dimensions of your space to suit your living space. How much wine storage do you need? Do you want to store your wine cooler in your kitchen cabinet, bar, or just next to your standard fridge? Besides your budget, this is one of the most significant factors. However, to give you some insight, there are three types of wine cooler units: freestanding, built-in, and fully integrated. Firstly, a freestanding wine cooler stands freely, unlike integrated and built-in wine coolers, which you can place alongside your standard fridge. However, you should allow three inches around this freestanding wine cooler to avoid overheating for optimal space and airflow. Additionally, you can store a built-in wine cooler underneath your kitchen countertop or inside your kitchen cabinet space with the door fully accessible. On the other hand, a fully integrated wine cooler is enclosed by cabinet space.

Is Compressor-based or Thermoelectric Better?

Next, consider whether a thermoelectric (Peltier) or compressor-based wine cooler is better. A compressor-based wine cooler is similar to a standard refrigerator but works on a smaller scale. It uses a vapour compression cycle to push the heat from inside the fridge outward, keeping it cold. This vapour compression system is similar to air conditioners because they both use coolant gas (refrigerant). However, a compressor-based system is much louder and causes vibration, damaging the ageing process of wine.

On the other hand, a thermoelectric wine cooler cools the inside of a wine cooler. It heats the outside using a constant electric current in a circuit of multiple conductors. A compressor-based wine cooler has a broader internal operating temperature that allows it to reach lower than 10 degrees celsius and is cheaper to operate. However, a thermoelectric wine cooler is better for the environment since it does not use vapour compression and chlorofluorocarbon, damaging the ozone layer.

Would You Like a Single or Dual Temperature Zone?

Single temperature zone wine coolers feature only one temperature zone, but dual temperature zone wine coolers have two temperature zones built-in. In addition, ideal wine coolers feature separate humidifiers, charcoal filters, and thermometers to maximise the wine cooler’s sections’ storage potential. Manufacturers designed these devices as graded temperature wine coolers since warm air rises in wine coolers. Furthermore, dual temperature zone wine coolers can store many wine kinds simultaneously, such as reds, whites, and champagnes.

Perks Of Having A Wine Cooler At Home

When you store your wine in a wine cellar or cooler, it will improve its age and taste. Wine coolers provide a pleasant wine environment by maintaining the proper humidity, stability, and temperature. Wine coolers also come in various sizes, styles, and bottle capacities to store other beverages, such as still water, soda, and non-alcoholic drinks. However, you should not keep perishable goods like fresh fruit and cold meats in your wine cooler since it functions with higher cooling temperatures than standard fridges.