4 Benefits of Choosing Fiberglass Insulation

4 Benefits of Choosing Fiberglass Insulation

When it’s time to insulate your home, you’ve got several types of insulation to choose from. One of these is fiberglass insulation, which provides the following benefits and more.


There are many types of insulation available, but some are more expensive than others. Fiberglass is one of the most affordable options, making it a great choice when you’re on a tight budget.

Fire Resistant

Fiberglass insulation is not as much of a fire hazard as some other options. It is made from recycled glass and sand, both of which are more inclined to melt than catch fire. While it’s not fireproof, it should be able to buy you some time to get to safety in the event of a house fire.

Mildew and Mold Resistant

Most types of fiberglass insulation are resistant to both mold and mildew, meaning that moisture will not be sitting around in your walls or ceiling. This makes it a very healthy option as it keeps your air quality clearer.

Energy Efficiency

The main purpose of insulation is to keep your air or heat inside while keeping external temperatures out. Fiberglass insulation does this by trapping any air from the outdoors and providing a type of wall to keep your internal temperature at a level you love. It can help you save a good amount of money on your energy bills.

Insulating your home is essential to saving money and keeping your family comfortable. If you’re on a tight budget and want an option that is fire, mold, and mildew resistant, fiberglass is a great way to go.

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