The Correct Storage Of White Wine

The Correct Storage Of White Wine

The proper storage temperature of white wine must stay at a stable level of 7 – 18 degrees Celsius. Keep this in mind when you start your search for an ideal wine fridge unit. Winecoolershop is one of many outlets that pride themselves on providing only the best within the wine cooling industry. Henceforth, your need for a white wine temperature storage fridge should take precedence. The correct temperature and other factors play an important part in storing white wine perfectly. 

The perfection of a wine fridge

The benefit of owning a wine fridge is that it optimises the correct environment to store white wine flawlessly. These splendid wine fridges are specially made to mimic the conditions offered by a proper wine cellar. A white wine bottle collection can only thrive in these surroundings. Therefore, the temperature demanded by a white wine needs to be between 7 – 18 degrees Celsius. But some wine experts say you can store white wine in a slightly cooler setting.  In addition, you must obtain the perfect humidity level at 70%. If this feature is lacking, it will lead to the wine cork drying out, leading to unwanted moisture seeping into the wine. You should also place all wine bottles on their sides within a wine rack. It would prevent any damage to a glass bottle itself. Finally, a wine fridge must be kept in a darker area of the room where it is placed and away from direct sunlight. Hence, this unique wine fridge comes equipt with a glass door that prevents unwanted and damaging UV rays from entering. Not only does a wine fridge offer the correct storage environment it also satisfies the artist in you. It can be a beautiful addition to any room in the home. Imagine it showcasing itself underneath a stunning staircase enveloped within glass furnishings.

Benefits of a wine fridge

There are so many wine fridge models on the market. But the fact remains that their function is to preserve wine in the correct environment. If you are a white wine connoisseur, you might consider taking a closer look at a single-zone wine fridge. This stunning piece of high-end equipment encompasses only one temperature zone for one specific type of wine. In this case, it would be white wine. In addition, this version is taller and slimmer in design so that it can fit into any open space available in the home. Remember that sunlight is not a good friend to a wine fridge. Furthermore, keep some breathing space around this type of wine fridge to keep overheating at bay. All wine fridges are made in a specific way to keep extreme vibration at a low. The unfit vibration level could be catastrophic to the wine itself.

The origins of white wine

Archaeological findings have suggested that the first white wine was discovered around 7,000 years ago by cultures such as the ancient Chinese. But some speculate that white wine started as early as 4,000 BC. But the Romans can be applauded as their efforts produced the perfect white wine we enjoy today. The most popular white wines in Romania include Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. Romania is now known to deliver the best of the best wine production in the whole of Europe. Hence, a new generation of winemakers can be seen. So whichever taste of white wine you prefer, the fact remains that if you preserve them in a wine fridge, they will last you for many years.

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