We are on the run down to the latter part of the winter season and heading towards the much looked forwards to spring season. It is this time of year that people start to feel like they want to give their homes a bit of a spruce and perhaps even redecorate. It is also a good time to get a Boiler servicing in Gloucester company to look at your heating system after it has been working hard all winter long to keep you and your family nice and warm.

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For some, cleaning can seem like a bit of a chore, but others make it more of a fun activity and manage to find some positive in this necessary evil.

Here are some fun facts about the world of cleaning.

  • If you find cleaning a tedious and boring task then instead of thinking about the task that you have to complete, look at the calories that you burn instead. If you clean at a moderate pace for around two hours, it is thought you can burn around 200 calories. So why not turn on the radio and have a move around whilst sprucing up your home?
  • We spend a lot of our time making sure that our bathrooms are in a sparkly hygienic condition, but some reports suggest that it is actually your kitchen sink that is home to more germs than your toilet seat. This is probably due to the fact that not only does the sink deal with you cleaning your hands but also the cleaning of pots, pans and plates and also the washing of vegetables and other food items. This makes for a large mixing pot of germs floating down your plug hole each day.

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  • Dust can be one of the most annoying things to clean and t try and keep on top of. But did you know that is thought that as much as 80 percent of the dust that you see floating around in your house and settling on your surfaces is actually made up of dead skin cells and around 10 percent of the overall weight of your bed pillow contains bed mites. Offices are just as full of dirt and germs with your work phone containing around 25,000 grams of germs per every 2.5 centimetres. 

Next time you embark on giving your house a thorough clean, turn up the music and spin around the house.