Innovations that make headlines are robots and mobile phones, but the clever manufacturers of appliances such as dishwashers are always working away to improve the machines that we use every day.

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AquaSense by Kitchen Aid

This innovation is all about water conservation. Water from the first rinse is saved and used again in the second cycle. Dishwashers with AquaSense use a third less water than other machines. This is the sort of technology that can be easily integrated into commercial dishwashers in the future. 

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No handles by Miele

We’ve all experienced times when we need to open the dishwasher but don’t have enough hands, or have grubby hands and would rather not touch the handle which can become a breeding ground for germs. Miele’s new ‘knock-knock’ idea means the unit can open with a simple knock.

Orbitclean by Frigidaire

Orbitclean by US manufacturer, Frigidaire involves an additional rotating jet arm. According to the makers this means four times better water coverage than a traditional circular-only water jet. 

Zeolite by Bosch

Bosch has come up with an immensely clever energy-saving idea for the drying process. A mineral ‘zeolite’ block absorbs water during the wash cycle, which causes it to heat up. It then gives off enough heat to dry the dishes during the dry cycle, instead of using energy. Zeolite is currently only available in Europe.

6th Sense Live by Whirlpool

There had to be one innovation on this list regarding Smart technology. Whirlpool’s 6th Sense Live connects directly with your Wi-Fi and can measure energy usage and other stats, without the need for a Smart Meter. 

Bottle Wash Jets by GE

Do you ever worry that sports bottles and baby bottles aren’t getting the thorough clean that they should? GE’s new bottle jet wash means a special compartment for these types of tall slim bottles, on little jets that wash them better than ever. It’s unlikely that commercial dishwashers will need to have Bottle Wash Jet technology, which is much more relevant to domestic users. If you are looking for commercial dishwashers online head to a trusted, experienced seller who can help you find the right appliance for your business. 

As you’ve seen, innovation in dishwasher technology is more exciting than you probably thought, with energy efficiency at the top of the agenda.