When it comes to home improvements, replacement windows not only add value to your house, they can give it a new look at the same time as helping to lower your energy bills, saving you money in the long term. In order to save this money, however, you will need to spend money, as replacement windows can be costly. Just how costly depends on what you are looking for in your new windows and the company you work with to get them installed. Even then, there are ways to keep these costs down by following these five tips.

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1. Keep It Simple

There are so many different designs for windows available today that it is easy to get carried away with add-ons – things it would be nice to have such as between the glass blinds, for example, but aren’t absolutely necessary to keep your house warm and dry. If you want to keep costs down, choose a standard design and avoid selecting extra features.

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2. Set a Budget

With a wide range of window designs to choose from, there is one for every budget. Before you start window-shopping, decide what your budget will be and stick to it. Let your window installers know how much you want to spend and ask them to find options in your price range.

3. Material Choices

Windows come in a number of styles, including sash, casement, tilt and turn, and a number of materials, including wood, PVCu, aluminium and composite. Some materials will be cheaper than others, so stick to these in order to keep costs low.

4. Manufacturers and Installers

Cheaper materials don’t have to mean cheap or poor quality. However, to make sure you are getting a good-quality product, choose a reputable supplier. In Gloucester double glazing company firmfix, for example, have an excellent reputation and can work with you to keep costs within your budget.

5. Negotiate

Finally, remember that there is nothing wrong with negotiating a better deal than the one you were offered, especially if you are placing a large order or replacing all the windows in your house. Window manufacturers and installers will generally have some room to manoeuvre, so ask them if there are any discounts to be had.